Angular JavaScript

In 2007, JavaScript is “The Next Big Thing” of programming languages . Now, I would say it IS The Big programming language that is actually “neutral-platform” and can do almost everything other programming languages can do.

The language itself is great, it has basic syntax of “high level” programming languages, and also allows many “freedom” styles as well as “magic” . But I would say that the best thing of JS is that from the “magic” of the languages, there are great developers who create amazing “libraries”, or “utilities/frameworks” if you prefer.

One of the masterpieces is jQuery. Another is NodeJs. And for “next-generation” frameworks, there are quite a few ones which are pretty potential and awesome to create full front-end for web applications (as well as other applications – JS can model/emulate them all!).

I’m a bit slow to adopt these new libraries, but from my quick looks it seems AngularJS is very well-rounded: cool, helpful, mature and easy to learn.


Just started learning about this trend, but looks like there will be a lot of fun !



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