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Service Mesh 2 Cloud Native

  Introduction from microservices -> service mesh -> cloud native -> serverless computing .   Istio – là ứng dụng service mesh mã nguồn mở, có sử dụng phần Envoy proxy như sidecar để thực hiện các tính năng proxy … Continue reading

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Kubernetes Minikube Windows

  Some notes when troubleshooting Minikube issue (Docker issue with HyperV & VirtualBox).   + Should place kubectl path before Docker path in %PATH% , because new Docker versions also bundle a kubectl executable. + If already has gcloud shell, install kubectl … Continue reading

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IDEA Tomcat HotSwap

Besides the posts about hot deploy on Tomcat Eclipse (WTP), and on JBoss exploded EAR/WAR, this is a similar post about Java hotswap based on the Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA), or more specific layer, the Java Debug Wire Protocol … Continue reading

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DualBoot Ubuntu Win 10

  Chuẩn bị + USB dung lượng ít nhất 2GB, nên clear sạch dữ liệu để format thành USB boot + Rufus : phần mềm flash USB để tạo bootable USB với ISO là Ubuntu Linux image. Có thể dùng Universal-USB-Installer hoặc  UNetbootin thay … Continue reading

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Grep Sed Awk

    (Edited: bài viết từ cuối 2011 – ID:110 – draft state bấm nhầm publish lỡ rồi thôi)   Grep Tìm các dòng chứa chuỗi chuoi trong 1 files: $ grep “chuoi” ten_file . Tìm các dòng chứa chuỗi chuoi trong … Continue reading

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HTML JavaScript playgrounds

  In the old days, W3Schools was known mostly thanks to it’s live samples, kind of “HTML Editor” to try it right away. Now the Web technologies has been through some major advancements: AJAX, Rich Client, Web 2.0, DOM libs … Continue reading

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Git quick reference

(Target audience: developers who knows SVN/CVS, so it skips some intro about Git) Download Command-line client (Windows: ) View command help (options, parameters, … ) : git help command or git command –help (command is one of: clone … Continue reading

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Kill processes on Win

  On Linux/Unix it’s very easy to find process ID of certain process: ps -ef | grep processName  or ps aux | grep processName then the Process ID is the second column of the output (usually written as variable $PID … Continue reading

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DNS in VietNam

[ Update 2021 fast DNS:, (CloudFlare), (Level3/Verizone), (Google), (Quad9), (Norton/NeuStar), (OpenDNS/Cisco) Còn 1 số như Verisign/UltraDNS, DNSFilter, DNSWatch, AdGuardDNS, Yandex, etc… nhanh ở US/RU nhưng ở VN sẽ … Continue reading

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Firefox over Chrome?

Well, the browser wars are “so 2010” (IE sucks, that’s true) . I don’t intend to make yet-another-benchmark to measure the speed of the browsers, or something like that. There are already lots of them (although the results seem predictable: … Continue reading

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