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Scrum basic slide

Well, my shameless self-advertising :) . Nevertheless, it may have an essential overview about Agile Scrum methodology, for some beginners. . (If you feel the slides are short or hard to understand, you may read more in a previous post) … Continue reading

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Online photo storage

Digital photos are very popular nowadays, hence the need for online storage comes. It would be much safer than to store in a SD card or an USB stick, or even a computer hard-disk. And the sharing purpose is even … Continue reading

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Gmail IMAP client

  Some notes to use Gmail IMAP feature with popular mail-client (MTA) , such as ThunderBird/Outlook/AppleMail/Zimbra/Evolution, etc… (Those should have some “automatic config” to help users setup for a new webmail account, but sometimes it fails – some versions – … Continue reading

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