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Change IP address Linux

As Virtual Machine tools (VMware, VirtualBox, Xen, KVM, qemu, … ) is getting more and more popular, changing IP address of Linux has become a frequent task for Linux users, not only administrators. There are several ways to change IP address of … Continue reading

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The Passionate Programmer

(Disclaimer: Advice from bloggers may backfire! Use it at your own risk. )   Well, it’s another book from PragmaticProgrammer.   The title is somewhat misleading, compared to the content . But may be it’s my view is misleading ;-) . … Continue reading

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Shrink VirtualBox image

Some steps to reduce the size of VirtualBox image files. Originally for VirtualBox’s VDI format, but it can be applied for some other formats as well (OVA, OVF, … ) . Given we have a VirtualBox image harddisk file called … Continue reading

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