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Swing looks cool!

(56k connection warning: pictures! ) For desktop applications, Java is a bit behind other competitors. The main cause is probably the API implementation for GUI. From AWT to Swing, it makes an impression of … slowness. Since Java 5 the … Continue reading

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The basic idea of markdown is a “counterpart” of markup languages: + Markup languagues : using extra XML (for example HTML) -> text content + Markdown languages: using text -> content with format (HTML) Basically, it’s like a syntax language … Continue reading

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The Fountainhead

Quick quiz: “Quyển sách nào đã bị 12 nhà xuất bản từ chối trước khi được chấp nhận in và sau đó trở thành 1 tác phẩm best-seller?” Hint: tác giả là phái nữ ;-)   . . . . … Continue reading

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