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Some shared ebooks

Some links to my recommended (or To-Read) ebooks about general topics (self-help, languagues, grow rich, … ) . There used to be some big collections of such ebooks to share, but now they are not public anymore since there are … Continue reading

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Tracking salary spreadsheet

A co-worker of mine has shared me a template Excel file to track annual salary. I find it useful and therefore I’d like to share a modified version (for 2013) : . . UPDATED: phần file Excel ở trên … Continue reading

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English Learning tips

Một số mẹo nhỏ để học tiếng Anh . Bài viết này xuất phát từ sự thống nhất với một người bạn, sau khi chúng tôi cùng đi tới một số Câu lạc bộ Tiếng Anh. Mục đích chính là … Continue reading

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OAuth 2 Overview

OAuth is an open standard for authorization. OAuth provides a method for clients to access server resources on behalf of a resource owner (such as a different client or an end-user). It also provides a process for end-users to authorize … Continue reading

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