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Developer Productivity Difference

  Regarding the difference in productivity of Developers (or Programmers/Coders if you prefer), there are two distinct opinions: 1/ big gap between mediocre developers and good developers (or good devs and great devs), some factors like 10x or even more (“Tenfinity … Continue reading

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Free lunch paradox

  Bạn có thích đọc tiểu thuyết võ hiệp (truyện kiếm hiệp) không nhỉ? Nếu có, chắc hẳn bạn cũng đã có lần đọc truyện chưởng kiểu ebook , và biết một số website như Tàng Thư Viện, Nhạn Môn … Continue reading

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Windows service restart

To manually restart a service of Windows, usually we start services.msc (actually mmc.exe ) , then find the service and stop then start it (or use the “restart” directly). To automate that (for example, batch script), we have several ways … Continue reading

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