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MacBook new checklist

Some steps to prepare before buying MacBook laptop, and right after it (general check/setup): * General information, hardware info: + Top-Left icon -> About this Mac -> System Report * Check serial number, manufacture date, battery power, charger: + … Continue reading

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DualBoot Ubuntu Win 10

  Chuẩn bị + USB dung lượng ít nhất 2GB, nên clear sạch dữ liệu để format thành USB boot + Rufus : phần mềm flash USB để tạo bootable USB với ISO là Ubuntu Linux image. Có thể dùng Universal-USB-Installer hoặc  UNetbootin thay … Continue reading

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Git pull all

  (targeted audiences: developers/coders/programmers) Git projects are typically small and we may have multiple projects on a workspace. Hence sometimes we have 8+ projects on the workspace it may be tedious to update git pull manually. And we don’t have “parent project” … Continue reading

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Grep Sed Awk

    (Edited: bài viết từ cuối 2011 – ID:110 – draft state bấm nhầm publish lỡ rồi thôi)   Grep Tìm các dòng chứa chuỗi chuoi trong 1 files: $ grep “chuoi” ten_file . Tìm các dòng chứa chuỗi chuoi trong … Continue reading

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Not A Number

    Khi lập trình với JavaScript,  có nhiều bạn khá thú vị với toán tử so trùng (===) , và thường ưu tiên hơn toán tử so sánh tương đương (==) . Đây cũng là 1 điều được đề … Continue reading

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Oracle JavaSE alternatives

  Oracle used to have very good sales strategies, for instance it has early investment for Linux database markets, which proves to be a brilliant idea and helps Oracle gain a lot of reputation (later on Oracle DB is well known … Continue reading

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ConnectionPool Java

Top 5 Java libraries for Connection Pool of JDBC   1/ Hikari CP 2/ Vibur CP 3/ Bone CP  (deprecated) 4/ c3p0 5/ Tomcat JDBC Pool   Runner-up: Apache commons DBCP         ./.  

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API mock servers

  Top 5 API mock servers (NodeJS is dominating since it is easy to setup and it can handle IO well) ApiMocker Canned Dyson MockApiServer JsonServer . Runner-Up Wiremock   . Honorable mentions Mockable Mocky ConnectApiMocker JsonPlaceHolder HttpStubServer       … Continue reading

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Coding online run

  Top 5 websites to run code online (note: JavaScript already has dedicated article here): (ranked by . Runner-up . Honorable mentions     (acquired by Amazon -> AWS Cloud9) http://coderpad.ioContinue reading

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GeoCode VN Design

Thiết kế cơ bản cho các địa chỉ (số nhà, khu/ấp/xóm/xã) VN. Lẽ ra nên gọi là StreetAddress, nhưng sẽ hướng tới conversion StreetAddress chuyển qua lại  Geographic Coordinates (vĩ độ & kinh độ – LatitudeLongitude). .  Criteria + Simplicity … Continue reading

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