Quality Or Commission?


Sao vậy nhỉ, dự án IT development cho công ty Việt Nam, từ mall cho tới tập đoàn các bác phụ trách chọn vendor đều muốn money under table!!!

Cảm giác thật bực tức và…bất lực!

Thôi dẹp. Mang chuông đi đánh xứ người vậy!

PS: khi post status này thì tôi đã mong muốn các công ty như vậy đừng liên hệ [Company Name] (Undisclosed – blog author censored) làm gì cho mất thời gian hai bên!

Why Vendor Managers of all kind of Vietnam Firms always ask us for money under table when choosing IT development (and others) partner? Seems like we aren’t suitable for such a bad working culture.

Let’s completely focus on working with oversea clients, from now on!

Bye Vietnam! 



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(Source: LinkedIn T. P. )


Disclaimer: This post is not related to my current workplace. I just wanted to express support to my ex-coworker for his integrity and work ethic. Opinions are my own and not necessarily the views of my employer.





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