MacBook new checklist

Some steps to prepare before buying MacBook laptop, and right after it (general check/setup):

* General information, hardware info:

+ Top-Left icon -> About this Mac -> System Report

* Check serial number, manufacture date, battery power, charger:

+ (from inside Mac also have this link)

+ (optional) coconutBattery : can install from HomeBrew


+ (optional) Apple Hardware Test (Khởi động lại, nhấn giữ phím D trong khi khởi động.)

+ (optional) MacOS Recovery Options (Disk Utility, Reinstall Mac, Restore/Repair, Safari): Khởi động lại, nhấn giữ phím Power/TouchID trong khi khởi động.

+ Account/password & TouchID:

* Provider installation (at shop/reseller): 

+ install WPS Office suite

+ Vietnamese keyboard: Input Sources -> Vietnamese VNI . Or just use “EVKey”:

* Initial setup/config/installation: 

+ Change DNS: (List DNS: )


* Specific setup:

+ coder, developer: See MacBook dev setup




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