Change Skype port

Skype is a good IM (Instant Message) tool. It’s pretty popular for work-related chat/voice-chat , because it has several advantages over other competitors (Y!M, Pidgin, Spark, Gtalk, …) . The main disadvantage of it is “privacy” , but I’ll stop the details here, since it’s not necessary to dig deeper (a bit far from original topic).

Skype uses HTTP port (80) and HTTPS port (443) by default, as a “smart” way to avoid firewall/proxy problems . However the HTTP ports approach has a drawback: possible conflict with some Web Server (such as Apache HTTPD) , so it may prevent Apache service from startup, and vice-versa when Apache has started first the Skype may have login issue.

To change the default port, or if you just want to add an alternative port, follow these steps:

1/ Login Skype

2/ menu Tools -> Options

3/ Advance section -> Connection

4/ In the text field of “Use port … for incoming connections” , enter the alternative port number. For example: 12345 (should be bigger than 1024)

5/ (optional) uncheck the “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives …” check box

6/ Click “Save” to save the changes. (The new port will be applied the next time you login Skype)

DucQuoc Skype port alternative

That’s it.


* Bonus:

Skype can also be used for chit chat (such as celebration/party), of course:

Skype Group Celebration



And even for recruitment/head-hunting:





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