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Some notes to use Gmail IMAP feature with popular mail-client (MTA) , such as ThunderBird/Outlook/AppleMail/Zimbra/Evolution, etc…

(Those should have some “automatic config” to help users setup for a new webmail account, but sometimes it fails – some versions – and users have to setup manually.
For a job-hopper like myself, even with Google’s help it usually takes me more than 15 mins to setup manually once account like that, and I have 5 Gmail accounts or so. Hence, eventually I decided to write notes for such trivial thing).


Enable IMAP feature for your Gmail

Trước tiên đăng nhập vào web ( ), bật chức năng IMAP :

– Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> IMAP access -> Status: Enable IMAP


New account with email and password

+ ThunderBird (version from 2 to 22) :
Tools -> Account Settings -> Add Account -> Email account -> Next : nhập tài khoản mail Google (ví dụ: )

+ Outlook (version from 2003 to 2013) :

Files -> Account Info -> Add Account -> Internet E-mail -> Next: nhập tài khoản mail Google (ví dụ: )



Setup protocol, server and port

+ Incoming: type IMAP, server , use encrypted SSL (port 993)

+ Outgoing: (type SMTP), server , use encrypted TLS (port 587) .

Nếu có tùy chọn TLS, if available thì có thể chọn port 25 mặc định SMTP. Còn nếu chọn SSL/TLS thì thường port là 465 .



Check account, get mail and send mail

+ For your account username, it’s recommended to use primary email ( , instead of only “username” nor Google-apps account (“” ). Then enter respective password and use the built-in test account feature to check login.

+ Some mail clients separate account for getting mail (IMAP) and sending mail (SMTP), if that’s the case it also has the option “Use same settings as incoming server – for outgoing server authentication” – apply it.


That’s it.

+ OK, OK , thiết lập cơ bản vậy là xong ! Bây giờ có thể thử get mail và send mail :-) .

Lưu ý không nên chọn giao thức POP , vì mặc định nó sẽ xóa email trên server sau khi tải về máy tính của bạn.

(Trừ khi mail client đó có options “Leave a copy on server… ” , nhưng cũng sẽ lãng phí space và không cập nhật status bằng giao thức IMAP) .


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