Faster Eclipse IDE

Some tips and tricks to speedup Eclipse IDE, or at least slim it.

These may be useful when you have hundreds of Eclipse projects (literally).


UPDATED: as of Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo), I would recommend Spring Tool Suite (STS) over Eclipse EE, it’s a custom Eclipse build but more well-tested, at least no issue with common plugins.



Startup VM options

via eclipse.ini (STS: STS.ini)

No verify VM option:





Heap memory VM option: increase max heap size


sometimes increase min heap size



Eclipse settings


Validation: Windows -> Preferences -> Validation

Uncheck some validations on “Build” such as: DTD, EJB, WS-I, XSL, …


Plug-ins at startup: Window -> Preferences -> General -> Startup and shutdown

Turn off unnecessary plugins, such as: Eclipse automated error reporting, Mylin team UI, …


Maven (m2e): Window -> Preferences -> Maven

Turn off “Update Maven projects on startup“, “Update Maven projects on startup“.



Bonus: một số phím tắt (shortcut key) thường dùng

Ctrl+Shift+F, Ctrl+Shift+O, Ctrl+/ (Ctrl+C), Ctrl+Shift+/ (Ctrl+Shift+C)

Ctrl+E, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+Shift+T, Ctrl+Shift+R





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