Software Development passion?

What is your passion in Software Development ?

Err… I don’t think I have any at the moment.

Well, . . . In this industry the passion is very important. If one does not have a passion, or a favourite technology, he/she will not be a good candidate.

Oh really :- ) . What is your passion then ?

It’s concurrency and Clojure…

. . .


That was one of my discussions with a colleague, who is very tech-savvy. I did not come up with a proper answer for the “passion” question. Now that I think over it, I have some ideas as below but I’m still unable to think of any “cool” answer.

When do I find the “fun” in my work? Well, it is usually when I just finish the basic learning a new technology,  or when I realize some person who I work with is great in some aspect and I  can learn a bit of that.

Besides, my new concern for career is how people can be productive in work, and how a person can help them to improve either productivity or collaboration. It’s obviously not a “cool tech” (and it’s seems to be not limited to Software Development) so I don’t think it’s an approriate answer .


Perhaps I have lost my passion in Software Development?

A few years ago when I talked with another tech-savvy friend about the industry, we usually discussed about cool trends, like Social-networking , mobile , cloud computing … and how the startups would emerge with killer applications. Nowadays my most concerns are in non-working hours: to solve family issues, to live comfortably, and to enjoy the good parts of the social. Regarding working hours, in those hours I want to work:

1/ stretch my ability with full responsibility

2/ finish the tasks in time and in simple solutions, as if they were done with natual habits.

3/ make a good impression with client about our company, especially in attitude and integrity.

4/ find the good parts in the people I work with, and enable those abilities to solve their problems.


Yes, to me a good product focus on the usuability (business value) much more than in the technique. When the usuability rely on “fast” or “cool effects” or “precision” , that’s when the technology count.

But not when a certain techology become the hot “Next Big Thing” , our product should use it.

In other words, a good saying is “There is no permanent enemy, there is no permanent ally, the ultimate thing that matters is the country’s benefit” . I would like to rephrase that “There is no must-apply technology, there is no must-not-apply technology , the ultimate thing that matters is the product’s usability” .


UPDATED: just found an interesting post of DHH

I’m not yet a “family people” but I also prefer “They come in as a cold bath of reality” part over the “twenty-something happy working 14-hour crunch days” ;- )




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3 Responses to Software Development passion?

  1. DucQuoc says:

    Arrggghhhh … I think I found it . The passion. Yes, it is in several places but still not in the industry :- )

  2. thangmai says:

    Man, I was not aware of your blog until just now. I actually found myself interested in many other things but yes they are all about software engineering.

  3. hi a.Thang :-) .
    Welcome to my little corner of the universe!

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