Software tester objectives



Some notes on setting Goals/Objectives for a QA/QC/Tester:


Job responsibilities & accountabilities

(Goal/Objectives and Action Steps)

* Testing

+ Perform all possibilities of the test cases of functional requirements.
+ Perform all possibilities of the test cases of non-functional requirements.
+ Try to think-outside-the-box to detect unusual/intermittent defects.
+ Perform regression tests.



* Test planning

+ Keep track of changes on wiki/emails/meetings, on a daily basis.
+ Analyze the requirements, including original description.
+ Confirm uncertain points, or explicitly state the coverage/assumption for those.
+ Compose test plans and/or test cases.



* Test Setup

+ Prepare environment for test.
+ Prepare data for test.
+ Prepare scripts for test.
+ Know when to ask for support.



* Technical documentation

+ Keep logs of defects, ready for report.
+ Keep history of test runnings, especially special cases.
+ Write guidelines of either interaction, operation, installation or deployment.

+ Make good format for documents of test plans and test cases.


Career development

(Goal/Objectives and Action Steps)

* Business Analysis

+ Take the initative in analyzing the business requirements.
+ Communicate to clarify any unclear or ambiguous point.
+ Be pro-active in keeping track of updates and clarifying when necessary.
+ Make more documentations in English and good format.



* Installation/Deployment





* Automated testing

+ Get used to automated test concepts and popular tools
+ Utilize developers’ experience of “unit test”
+ Gain more experience of current tools: SoapUI, Cucumber
+ Try some others: Selenium, Watir, Sahi, QTP



* Certification in testing





* Other values (softskills et al)

+ Training and supporting: be helpful, open, patient
+ Process: look for improvement, promote good practices, avoid bad ones
+ Leadership: integrity, vision, accountability, self-knowledge
+ Management: delegation, prioritization, listening, oral communication





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