Eclipse 3.7 plugins

Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) has some major changes, for example as of 3.7 the plugins for Maven and Git has been officially integrated into Eclipse JavaEE version.

So , some of the update links for plugins of Eclipse 3.7:


(should install svn client before Subclipse, e.g. Windows users: )


EGit & JGit (built-in Eclipse 3.7)


m2e  (built-in Eclipse 3.7)

m2e connectors (alternative: ‘Maven’ -> ‘Discovery’ -> ‘Open Catalog’) :










UPDATE: I would recommend Spring Tool Suite as of Eclipse 3.7 :

Since they have nice integration plug-ins and well-tested . (not offense to Eclipse EE but they should have more plug-ins tests before release).




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