Install Redmine Redmond

Having meditated about which wiki to setup, finally I decide to give Redmine a try. It is something between Alfresco (good Sharepoint alternative) and Dokuwiki (wiki for non-tech companies), not costly like Confluence, more features/plugins than MoinMoin, and easier installation than Trac .

Steps to quickly install Redmine on Windoze :

1/ Install Ruby 1.8.7

2/ Install DevKit

3/ Install Rails via gems

4/ Install mongrels via gems

5/ Download Redmin tarball and extract to folder

6/ Configure the database.yml to point to the database for Redmine instance (comment out the parts of PostgreSQL & SQLite if you use MySQL, and vice versa)

7/ Create the databases as configured in database.yaml (if not yet)

8/ Use command line to change directory to Redmine folder, then run “rake db:migrate 

9/ Test Redmine installation with “mongrel_rails start

10/ “gem install win32-service

11/ “gem install mongrel_service

12/  “mongrel_rails service::install -N Redmine -c [your redmine folder] -p [portno] -e production

(replacing [your redmine folder] with the full path to the Redmine folder in the filesystem, and the [portno] being the port you’d like redmine to server on, e.g. 80 for standard http port 80.)



That’s it.




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One Response to Install Redmine Redmond

  1. It will be even easier , if you use the stack by Bitnami:

    (kind of 1-click installer, FYI)

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