SS collection


Social skills collection !



“Biết phép lịch sự nghĩa là biết vượt tầm con mắt đừng thèm ngó bức hàng rào đổ nát trước mặt, mà ngắm những bông hoa nở trong vườn phía sau hàng rào đó” – from Dale Carnegie’s book


Well, some books such as “Dac Nhan Tam” (Dale Carnegie) or “Thuat Noi Chuyen Hang Ngay” (Hoang Xuan Viet) really help.

No wonder why Dale Carnegie’s book is always ranked #1 in the lists of “Top 100 books you should read before dying” , “Top greatest books of all time” , “Top 10 books for programmers in general” , etc. . .


( One of my greatest mistake was having underestimated that book, when I found it in my childhood days – was around 10 yrs old or so. )



Ok, for some ppl who feel reclutant to read those books, I’ll collect some articles so that they can have a good start ;-)


How to be considered “modest” ?

+ Listen


How to be considered “subtle” ?

+ Pay attention to details


How to be considered “polite” ?

+ Be subtle and forgiving


How to be considered “approachable” ?

+ . . .














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