Windows service restart

To manually restart a service of Windows, usually we start services.msc (actually mmc.exe ) , then find the service and stop then start it (or use the “restart” directly).

To automate that (for example, batch script), we have several ways :

net utility

This is the ‘old-school’ way

> net stop SERVICE_NAME
> net start SERVICE_NAME

The SERVICE_NAME is the short name of the service, for example the ‘Print Spooler’ service will have the short name: ‘Spooler’ . You can figure it out from services.msc view, or using the below command:

> sc query

To find the service name using the ‘grep-like’ of Unix:

> sc query | find -i "Spooler"


sc utility

Service control tool is a bit more powerful than the ‘net’ one. It can query and stop/start service not only on localhost but also other (accessible) remote machines.

> sc \\localhost stop SERVICE_NAME
> sc \\ start SERVICE_NAME

The net command can also show the ‘display name’ of the services

> net start


Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line

The WMIC is very powerful tool for batch script, although it is not used much.

Listing the services (with short name) :

> wmic service list brief

Restart it

> wmic service SERVICE_NAME call StopService
> wmic service SERVICE_NAME call StartService
> wmic /node:localhost service SERVICE_NAME call StartService



VBS is fine, but I would recommend scripts for Java instead (Apache Ant, for example).


Java build with Ant

Some Ant build script like below can do the job as well.

Using utility directly in target:

<target name="stop-Spooler">
    <exec executable="net" vmlauncher="false">
        <arg value="stop"/>
        <arg value="Spooler"/>
<target name="start-Spooler">
    <exec executable="net" vmlauncher="false">
        <arg value="start"/>
        <arg value="Spooler"/>

Using macro (and via cmd.exe) :


    <macrodef name="service">
        <attribute name="service"/>
        <attribute name="action"/>
            <exec executable="cmd.exe">
                <arg line="/c net @{action} '@{service}'"/>

    <target name="start">
        <service action="start" service="Spooler"/>
    <target name="stop">
        <service action="stop" service="Spooler"/>


(Simplified version. The complex one may check OperatingSystem and use ‘sc’ instead of ‘net’ )




Another command to find the short name of services

> reg query HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services



That’s it.




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