Tracking office time

A colleague of mine has some spreadsheet to track the working time for himself, I didn’t expect it to be useful, but after trying (and modifying a bit) I agree that it is :-) .

Well, I’m not the kind of people working with “watch the clock” attitude (at least I was not, ok) . And, there are tons of tool for personal management out there. For example, for time tracking there are Google Calendar, ThunderBird’s Lightning, smart phones/PDA, … Yet for certain purposes a simple spreadsheet (XLS) is a better choice .

It is not only more simple, but also more fun !

Now I would like to share the fun :

Tracking Time (Duc Quoc)


This sheet assumes 40-hour per week by default, and you can customize it easily, IMHO.

Hopefully it is useful for people working in office with flexible time.



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