More effective working

Oops, it seems I have millions of stuff to do !

“Anh như ông vua Thục

Bị đuổi bởi thời gian

Trước mặt là biển lớn

Sau lưng đất không còn”

(Chế Lan Viên)

Simple to-do-always list:

1/ handle family issues

2/ keep up with paid projects

3/ satify my lovely partners       (is there any?)

4/ health, sport & beauty

5/ other fun & hobbies (contributing open source, writing, music, etc)

6/ self-improve skills (technical, social, games, etc)

… oops …

Ok, maybe it’s time to revise the working productivity and my personal management… Now that the family issues are hard, better focus on the paid projects. According to self-meditation, the key is to improve productivity by utilizing and leveraging online services for self-management : <== For documentation/notes (mobile: )

Another alternative when bandwith is expensive: <== Simply listing things to memorize and triage <== For tracking projects (I use AgileExpress on lappy, though)

And using online note (Evernote) is very helpful than just one, especially when using on Mobile. The client apps on Linux is not so well, using native Win app with Wine is OK.


Do you have any other tip ?


A brother, husband and father...
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