FlexBuilder Eclipse plugin

UPDATED: just found a new patch for FB3 Linux alpha5 on a Chinese site :


(This will extend the trial period from 31/12/2010 to 2012)


This is a simple quick guide (mini “how to”) for installing FlexBuilder (Linux) into Eclipse. (tested on Ubunt 8.04 Hardy and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid)

1/ Get Eclipse 3.4+ (for Java EE) and  install :  (example dir: /opt/eclipse )

(assuming eclipse-jee-galileo-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz downloaded to current dir )

$ sudo chmod -R 777 /opt

tar zxvf eclipse-jee-galileo-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz -C /opt/

2/ Get Flex Builder 3 (alpha 5: “flexbuilder_linux_install_a5_112409.bin“) and install :  (example dir: /opt/Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux )


Then install it by executing the file: (example dir: /opt/Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux )

$ chmod +x ./flexbuilder_linux_install_a5_112409.bin

$ ./flexbuilder_linux_install_a5_112409.bin

(point to the above Eclipse if asked – Process with Caution)

3/ Get Flex SDK (3.5 or 3.3) and install : (example dir: /opt/Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux/sdk/3.5.0 )


(in new versions, Adobe seperates DataVisualization.swc and Automation.swc from SDK, so you may have to download them in seperate package and put into SDK folder)

4/ If you are using Eclipse 3.3 (Europa), the installation is done! But for Eclipse 3.4+ (Ganymede or later) , there are 2 bugs with FlexBuilder linux patch (MXML editor & debugger disconnection), which we’ll have to patch manually:

Unofficial legal patch: https://sites.google.com/site/ducquocvn/FlexBuilder3_patch_Eclipse_bibo.zip (expired)


To patch, first backup the followings in FLEX_BUILDER_HOME/eclipse/plugins to somewhere else:
com.adobe.flexbuilder.debug.e33_3.0.NNNNNN (whole directory)

Change versions of the jars and dir in the patch to match the version above:
FlexBuilder alpha 5: NNNNNN = 257568
FlexBuilder alpha 4: NNNNNN = 204732
FlexBuilder alpha 3: NNNNNN = 194161

Then copy whole directory eclipse in the patch to FLEX_BUILDER_HOME
(merge with existing eclipse dir) to replace the mentioned jars and dirs
by “patched” ones.

N.B: If you just simply copy and replace the jars, instead of whole directory, it will NOT work.

(Eclipse 3.5 : https://sites.google.com/site/ducquocvn/FlexBuilder3_patch_EclipseGalileo_bibo.zip

http://mediafire.com/file/q02pczm0ee22xj8/FlexBuilder3_patch_alpha5_EXTENSION2012_bibo.zip )

Well, now you can start Eclipse :

/opt/eclipse/eclipse -clean

and try some Flex project :-) .

Eclipse FlexBuilder Linux


Have fun Flexing !


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16 Responses to FlexBuilder Eclipse plugin

  1. ducquoc says:

    For debugging Flex with Google Chrome , you may follow the instructions here:

    good luck & have fun :-)

  2. Dan Martin says:

    Have you successfully used the patch you linked that extends the trial? I’ve tried it several times in Eclipse 3.5 and 3.6 and in both it’s still expired. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but I tried repeating the steps multiple times.

    • @Martin: yeah, I have done it. Also some friends of mine has applied it successfully too.
      Which version of FB Linux did you try? This extension patch is supposed to patch the FB3 alpha 5 expiration, it will not work for alpha 4 or alpha 3. This morning I tried with Eclipse 3.3.2 (FB3 alpha 5 installed) , and it worked as well.

      From my investigation, the “magic” for extending the trial is in the zorn.jar inside of the patch, but as said in the post: overwriting the Jars will not do the job; the whole directory in the patch must be merged (and overwritten) to the one in your installed FLEX_BUILDER_HOME.

      In other words, for the patch to work, one should copy and paste the whole ‘Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux’ directory to merge with his Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux (FB3 alpha5). If the installed folder is a different name, just copy the ‘eclipse’ folder inside the ‘Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux’ of the patch and merge with the ‘eclipse’ folder of the installed FB alpha5 (not the eclipse IDE) !

      • Dan Martin says:

        Yeah, I used A5 with Eclipse 3.4 and 3.5 (tried both). I’ll give it another try when I have a moment. Can you confirm, does this patch really fix the debugger disconnection problems?

      • The problem I met was that FlashPlayer detached the debugger after 5-20 seconds. This patch can fix it. However, the debugger may still be detached sometimes if the debug session is long (more than 10 minutes). Normally I can run debug session to 1 hour or more without problem, so it is acceptable for me :-) .

        In short, it’s a yes !

  3. Ignacio Ghir says:

    i love you man!!! it works!!!
    Now, there is a posibility to extend to a greater period?

    • Thank you :-) . I believe it’s possible to do so ;-) , but probably in 2012 people will pay more attention to Flex 5, so Flex 3.x might not be neccessary then.
      Hopefully then the usability will be improved, not downgraded like the the namespace mxml2009 and ‘Fx’ stuff in Flex 4 :( .

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  7. zhangyaxiang says:

    you are good man,please tell me the Serial number of flexbuilder, thanks!

    • IIRC, the FlexBuilder Linux in trial mode has some built-in SN, so you don’t have to provide a professional license .

      Sometimes it may ask for a SN, you can just click to bypass the nag message. For more information, you can view the content of license.properties in $HOME/.adobe/Flex/

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  9. Fantastic style and style. Do you get this internet website your self?

  10. Ical says:

    hi I am a beginner in this, and I’ve tried the tutorial above, tp has not been successful … I’ve inflicted adobe patch files but have not been successful,,, whether the master can help me??

  11. Hi Ical, the instructions were for extending the dates to end of 2012. Now that it’s 2014 it would expire :) .
    I haven’t looked at it for a while, so I’m not sure if I can help any more… unless I found some tricks to extend the date to 2015 or so ;-)

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