Best Eclipse plugins


Some update sites of recommended plugins for Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) and 3.6 (Helios)

+ SubVersioN client:  Subversive Subclipse

+ Build tool:  Ant Maven2 (m2eclipse) and

( 0.9.x: one of )

+ Coding style:  Checkstyle PMD

+ Unit test:  JUnit TestNG

+ Code coverage:  Cobertura Emma (eclEmma)

+ Decompiler: Jadclipse

JD decompiler

(Most of the above sites work with Eclipse 3.4 – Ganymede, too)

* Some more:

+ Continuous integration:  TeamCity Hudson (hudson-eclipse)

+ Dependency injection:  Guice Spring (SpringIDE)

+ ORM framework:  iBatis Hibernate (HibernateTools)

(Visual Paradigm : )

+ Mobile tools: EclipseME (MTJ)

(Sun Wireless Toolkit : )

* Even more:

+ Git client:   JGit EGit

+ Groovy support: GroovyEclipse

+ Scala support: ScalaIDE

+ Erlang support: ErlangIDE

+ Clojure support: CounterClockwise

+ Fantom support: FanIDE

+ JavaScript support: SkeptIDE JSEclipse

+ ActionScript/MXML formatter: FlexFormatter

(Flex Builder:

+ PHP support:  PDT PHPclipse

+ Python support: PyDev

+ Ruby support:  RadRails RDT

+ Perl support: EPIC

+ C# support: Emonic

+ YAML Editor:

+ DB client: DTP Quantum


YMMV :-)






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